Are we there yet…

Grumpy. Have I mentioned that I tend to be grumpy? Messy things do not make me grumpy. Disorganized things do not make me grumpy. Not being able to do what I want to do when I want to do it? THAT makes me grumpy. Grrr.

So in my long saga of trying to get my garden beds in some kind of order for spring planting I have run into delay after delay. Is it my fault? Probably. Can I fix things and get back on track? Always. The delays have run the gamut from minor annoyance such as the wrong nails, to major disruptions when we had non stop rain and flooding for three days. Talk about the grumpy meter hitting ten on the scale!

Since I can not control the weather I try to control what I can. Notice I use the word try. I start to work and a thunderous voice calls out! I tremble in fear and duck. Is it God? No. The voice of an Archangel? No… so who could it be? Honey, we have an appointment. It’s the wife. OK it is her appointment, why do I have to go? Sigh…grumble…

Glorious day! I get to work on the garden! Or not. Seems we have to go to town for stuff. And since it is a 50 mile round trip to the nearest shopping it will most likely be a half a day trip. Maybe this afternoon…nope. Again the voice of authority calls out. Again it is not God, but the wife. “It is such a nice day you should come rock-hounding with me”.

Notice the word in bold. For you men who are not married here is a tip. Words like should, would and could are not suggestions when uttered by a woman. They are imperative commands. And since a happy wife makes for a happy life I nod my head and shuffle along, all the while eyeing my poor neglected garden. Sigh…grumble.. “whats that dear?” Nothing honey. Lets go get some crystals.

Quartz and crystal found on or near our land.

Disclaimer: My wife is the sweetest and most gentle soul I know. She is never demanding and never bossy. The post above is meant to be humorous. Stay salty!


Author: John Wilson

Semi-retired older man living for God and taking care of my family. My faith and my family have carried me through for 58 years. I am not about to give up on them now. :) We are now working on becoming self sufficient. Growing and hunting for our own food. Building solar and/or wind farms for electricity etc. It is a long road ahead of us. But it begins with a single step.

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